Northeast OKC Renaissance Inc. (NEOKCR) and OKC Black Eats (OKCBE) have partnered to address place-based ethical development in NEOKC by cultivating, connecting, and empowering local stakeholders who aspire to become small-scale developers. The inaugural NEOKC Developer’s Conference was inspired by the momentum of the Northeast Renaissance movement, the need for ethical development, and the growing desire to participate in development from local stakeholders.


Goal: Provide essential information for real estate development in NEOKC, and activate a network of local, small-scale developers who are NEOKC stakeholders.


Who: Aspiring to experienced small-scale developers who are NEOKC stakeholders

What: The NEOKC Developer's Conference is an experience designed to educate, connect, and propel a community of small-scale developers.

When: Saturday, March 23rd, 2019 from 9am - 4pm

Where: Gene Rainbolt Graduate School of Business, 865 Research Parkway, Suite 300. Oklahoma City, OK 73104

Why: To provide essential information, discourse, and connections needed to increased stakeholder-lead small-scale development activity in Northeast OKC.

How: 50-100 participants will engage in a series of curated sessions designed to prepare them for real estate development in NEOKC and lead by real estate industry professionals.

Topics to include:

  • Urban Planning

  • State of Home-ownership

  • Intro to becoming a developer

  • Access to Capital

  • PUDs

  • Property Zoning

  • Residential & Commercial Investing 101

  • How to complete a rehab project

  • Legal considerations of real estate

  • NEOKC Property Development

  • Understanding real estate auctions/foreclosures

  • Building NEOKC together

Partners include:

  • Northeast OKC Renaissance Inc.

  • OKC Black Eats

  • Gene Rainbolt Graduate School of Business

  • The City Of Oklahoma City

  • The OKC Alliance of Economic Development

  • Thunder Realty

  • HGL Construction

  • Monarch Properties

  • and more...

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