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Safe, healthy, and flourishing NEOKC neighborhoods



To work collaboratively with neighborhood leaders to enhance the quality of life, safety, and sustainability in the Northeast OKC Communities.



 Promote communication and cooperation between neighborhoods and organizations in NE OKC to foster a sense of community 

Provide a unified voice for the neighborhood;

Provide forum for discussion of common neighborhood issues

Provide guidance, training, seed grants for new and existing neighborhood associations; and

Be available for advice on policies necessary for the effective and equitable implementation of neighborhood planning



The Coalition shall encompass the areas bounded by NE 1st to Wilshire Boulevard to Walnut Avenue to Sooner Road

Coalition Members

Capitol View 

Lincoln Terrace 

Culbertson East Highland 

Medical Community 

Forest Park 

Northeast Renaissance 

Garden Neighborhood Community Council

Park Estates North/Cashions/Wildewood 

Harrison Walnut 

Thompson Woodland/Burr Oaks 


Wildewood Hill/Heights 



2nd Thursday of each month 10a 

(Currently via zoom)      



Denyvetta Davis, President – 405-609-4987

Diane Carroll-Jackson, Vice President

Ermitt Burge, Secretary/Treasurer 

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