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PlaceKeeping is happening in communities similar to Northeast Oklahoma City across the country. Our Minority Developers Conference is an opportunity to bring over 100 participants to OKC to converge these ideas. The Conference caters to a wide audience of aspiring developers, politicians, city planners, faith based communities, and curious stakeholders. The built environment has such an impact on the community, that it is important that all of these constituents have a forum to collaborate. This year's theme is Community Catalyst, and will feature plenary and breakout sessions from the nations top thought leaders covering topics ranging from ethical design, cooperative economics, and community stewardship.


Join us July 12 and 13 to connect with like-minded individuals in the real estate industry and community!

The term placekeeping was adopted by Northeast Oklahoma City Renaissance in 2019. We define placekeeping as providing education and resources to residents and stakeholders who are seeking to redevelop the community in a way that preserves current residents and creates pathways to wealth generation. The PlaceKeepers program started in 2021, and is a real estate development training program that equips individuals with the tools necessary to successfully execute incremental development projects. The program provides opportunities for building wealth through real estate development with the intention of stakeholder wealth expanding alongside the growth of the community in order to combat displacement and protect the communities history.​

Grab an early bird ticket to the 4th Annual PlaceKeepers Minority Developers Conference on july 12for just $75! Tickets will go up to $125 on June 8.

2024 PlaceKeepers Conference Agenda

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2024 Minority 


Developers Conference

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