to be a catalyst for ethical, place-based community development in Northeast Oklahoma City (NEOKC).


To restore NEOKC economic activity while preserving and energizing the historically vibrant culture.



In 2014, the Alliance for Economic Development of Oklahoma City established the Northeast Renaissance Steering Committee (NERSC) as an ad-hoc group of community stakeholders seeded to represent the NE community’s voice while vetting Northeast Renaissance development efforts. The NERSC’s mission was to advocate for ethical redevelopment considerate of housing, education, safety, wellness, economic development, and preservation of African American arts & culture.

In 2016 the NERSC leadership established Northeast OKC Renaissance Inc., (NEOKCR), to improve the quality of life for the residents of Northeast Oklahoma City as a catalyst for economic prosperity and preserver of cultural traditions.



Support the East End Commercial District

Collaborate to unify area businesses and land owners to establishing a commercial district providing an authentic, place-based destination that preserves the rich history of the area while rekindling its cultural and economic activity. 

Transition oNE OKC

Identify a new location for oNE OKC in 2021 while leaving a legacy NE 23rd block party event in the care of the East End.

Establish Developer Education Programming

Establish ongoing developer education and network programming 

Establish Revolving Loan Fund

We want to improve access to capital for local developers, small businesses, and homebuyers

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Support the NE Renaissance mission by using the link below and donating.

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